Looking for the best place to learn Muay Thai in Cebu City? Well, your search ends here! Let me introduce you to my favorite Muay Thai gym in the heart of the city – Muay Thai Cebu, led by the fantastic Coach Franz.

After trying many gyms in Cebu, I can say that Muay Thai Cebu is the best for authentic training and a friendly community. You can find it right in front of Ayala Central Bloc on the 3rd floor of the CJRS Building, making it super convenient.

What makes Muay Thai Cebu special is not just its location, but also its great training sessions.

How does the class start?

Each session begins with challenging warm-up exercises designed to prepare your body and mind for training. Following this, we engage in shadow boxing. When I first began my boxing journey years ago, I felt quite awkward while shadow boxing. However, I’ve since learned to appreciate its significance and shed any feelings of self-consciousness. What’s wonderful is that everyone at the gym participates in shadow boxing, regardless of their skill level. There’s no judgment here.

Next, we move on to the main part of the session, which typically involves partner exercises. These exercises often include striking bags or holding pads for each other. This collaborative approach not only fosters support among participants but also helps keep everyone motivated throughout the training session.

But in my opinion, the best part of Muay Thai Cebu is the sparring sessions.

Coach Franz guides us through safe and controlled sparring, where we get to practice what we’ve learned with different partners. Whether you’re new or experienced, sparring helps you get better every time.

Here’s the quick class flow for your referrence:

  1. Warm-Up and Conditioning: Begin the class with a dynamic warm-up routine to get your muscles ready for action. Coach Franz will lead you through a series of exercises to build strength, endurance, and flexibility.
  2. Defense Against Punches: Learn essential techniques for defending against punches. Coach Franz will demonstrate proper footwork, blocking, and evasion techniques to keep you safe and in control during sparring.
  3. Blocking Punches and Countering with Kicks: Master the art of blocking punches and countering with powerful kicks. Coach Franz will teach you how to read your opponent’s movements and execute effective counterattacks.
  4. Sparring (5 Rounds): Apply what you’ve learned in a series of five rounds of sparring. Rotate partners to experience different styles and intensities, all while honing your technique and strategy.
  5. Abs and Stretching: Cool down with a series of abdominal exercises to strengthen your core and improve stability. Then, Coach Franz will lead you through a thorough stretching routine to prevent injury and enhance flexibility.
  6. Stories and Reflection: (OPTIONAL :P) Wind down the class by sharing stories and reflections with your fellow students. Whether it’s discussing your progress, sharing tips, or simply bonding over your love for Muay Thai, this is a time to connect with your training partners and celebrate your achievements.

FAQ: I do not have Shin guards, can I still join?

Certainly! Even if someone doesn’t have their own boxing gloves, they’re still encouraged to join. Muay Thai Cebu provides gloves and shin guards that can be borrowed. As for handwraps, they might be limited at times. It’s advisable for individuals to invest in their own pair, which can be purchased for just 250 pesos from Lazada or Chris Sports.

FAQ: Is it safe to spar even if I am a beginner?

Safety is really important at Muay Thai Cebu. Coach Franz prioritizes caution, especially during sparring sessions, particularly for beginners who may struggle to control their punches or kicks. He also advises against using elbows and knees during these sessions. The gym itself is spacious, providing ample room for training without compromising safety. Coach Franz and his team ensure that participants use proper techniques and closely supervise sparring activities, creating a secure environment where everyone can train with confidence.

FAQ: How much is it per class?

It’s affordable! It costs only 200 pesos per session. It could get cheaper if you buy a package of 8 or 10. Plus, sessions run from 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM, Mondays to Fridays, so you can easily fit it into your schedule if you work at an office all day!

Parting Words

To sum up, Muay Thai Cebu isn’t just a gym – it’s a community of people who love Muay Thai. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, everyone is welcome. Come join us at Muay Thai Cebu and experience the excitement of Muay Thai!