Perfume Dessert wears long, makes you fragrant on travels


“She smells good,” whispers a fellow blogger to another after I hugged them at the FAM Tour accommodation in Pangasinan. I swear I am not exaggerating. I myself was surprised. I just got off from a 6-hour bus commute, I remember spritzing Perfume Dessert before I left the house. Could it be that this perfume wears long?

We can all agree that smelling good is important. That’s why we use perfumes—for our home, laundry, car, and most of all, for our body. But that doesn’t mean you solely depend on the perfume to smell good. Fundamentally, you have to be hygienic.  

With all that said, I use perfume every day. I bring it when I go to the gym, whenever I go out of the house, and needless to say, when I travel.

The perfume I am using these days is Perfume Dessert. I received this just last month, tested different scents for days, and have been popping them in my bag since.

I think I left a good impression when I walked into the room smelling fragrant. Members of this fam tour noticed the smell.  

Before I share with you my Perfume Dessert fragrance test and review, (and a business opportunity too), here’s a short poem I dedicate to fellow perfume lovers!

My kind of perfume

is something that wears long…

adheres to the skin,

but light to the nose…

A scent mellow and fresh

uplifts my spirit…

like my favourite food or drink,

that is 

Perfume Dessert!

It’s a must-sniff… 



reminds you of being nurtured,

my kind of perfume!

~erica poyauan

Okay… I’ve already given away my thoughts about Perfume Dessert. I like them. And below are the reasons why. I listed down the reasons based on my sound judgment as someone who used to make perfumes back in the day. Yeah. I did have my own perfume business even before the hype of the perfume-making seminars online. The small business served me well for at least a year…

Why I like Perfume Dessert

1. True to its label

The product claims to be:  Categorized as Eau de Parfum  Made in London  Lasts 4-8 hours. This makes sense. Its 20 to 30% concentrated perfume oils makes it under the EDP category and making it last longer. The product also has the “506” label on the packaging which means it’s imported from the UK because the UK’s product barcode is from “500-509”.

2. It wears long

I did my fragrance test with each Perfume Dessert bottle. The scents I sprayed on cardboard strips lasted more than 12hrs, some remain fragrant for 14hrs. Scents stayed for almost the same period when sprayed on clothes. As expected, scents I sprayed on my forearm lasted 5-9 hours. The Cotton Candy and Pińa Colada showed relatively faint scent after 10 hours than Raspberry scents and Peach Bourbon Popsicle.

3. Instantly brightens your mood 

Yes. Fragrance can affect/ change your mood. That is why I mentioned earlier, we can all agree it is important to smell good. Unpleasant smell sends a pain signal to the brain kinda warning it from imminent danger. Good smell works wonders. It can send pleasant signals to the brain and instantly increase your alertness or invigorate your senses (think of the essential oils in a spa), uplift your mood and make you feel relaxed. Perfume Dessert is formulated with the notes from the desserts we love. When you smell it, it sends a signal to the brain as if you’re “eating delectable, comfort food”. Same pleasure and mood effects but with zero calories.

4. Budget-friendly

A 30ml Perfume Dessert bottle only costs Php250. The premium scents like Hennessey’s Berries & Bayleaf cost Php380. All the scents that I have tried are regular scents that cost Php250.

5. Travel-friendly

If you’ve had your precious perfume confiscated at the airport security before or leaked your bottle in one of your flights, there’s no way you want that to happen again. The solution: bring 30ml Perfume Dessert because it is travel-friendly. The clever tube box packaging not only looks dainty but provides another level of protection in maintaining the quality of the perfume and keeping it safe for breakage, spoilage, diffusing, and leakage. And it is perfect as gifts because of its elegant appeal. Its shape and size is perfect for touch-ups on the go. 

Here is a list of scents that you can choose from their line:

Perfume Dessert available scents
☑ Apple Pomegranate Salad
☑ Black Raspberry Vanilla Ice Cream
☑ Cake pops
☑ Cucumber Melon Cooler
☑ French Macaroon
☑ Fruit Tart
☑ Gumdrops
☑ Orange Mimosa Sherbet
☑ Peach Bourbon Popsicle
☑ Raspberry Smoothie
☑ Sakura
☑ Strawberry Shortcake
☑ Pińa Colada
☑ Cotton Candy Unicorn
☑ Lemon Soda
☑ Jasmin & Peppermint
☑ Plum & Black Locust
☑ Peony & Red Apples
☑ Hazelnut & Cedar
☑ Persian Sea Salt & Ambrett
☑ Grey Tea & Cucumber
☑ Amber & Bluebell
☑ Juicy Pear & Corvette
☑ Hennessey’s Berries & Bayleaf

Hennessey’s Berries & Bayleaf is the latest addition to the Perfume Dessert line. The perfume has a gorgeous earthy, rich, wrist crack kind of linear scent. With top notes of fresh berries, tempered beautifully with the strongly aromatic bay. 

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Currently being reviewed: @perfumedessertlondon 🍹🍑🍭 So far the scents I sprayed on cardboard strips lasted more than 12hrs, some remain fragrant for 14hrs now… I’ve yet to finish testing how each scent works with my body chemistry but it seems the RASPBERRY SMOOTHIE is the one for me. I will link my full review soon together with some tips to help you in your perfume shopping 👌 . . What scents do you like? Have you heard of PERFUME DESSERT? Do you want to wear a fragrance that smells like your favorite food and drink? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below! Always love hearing from you ☺️ Happy weekend!!! . . . . #perfumedessert #perfumeaddict #perfumedessertlondon #perfumedessertph #perfumestotry #scentsthatlast #foodfragrances #londonscents #pinayblogger #filipinablogger #lifestyleblogger #curatedfeed #igaccountstofollow #gltlove #raspberrysmoothie

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The Scents that I got to try:

☑ Black Raspberry Vanilla Ice Cream

This scent has a tangy and woody-nuance of black raspberry tamed with the sweet, cozy, comforting, with a pleasing cookie-baking feeling of vanilla. Perfect for younger Millenials who are fond of perfume’s notes like a delicious dessert.

PROS: Good for day and evening wear

CONS: Not a very complex scent profile

☑ Cotton Candy Unicorn

Cotton Candy Unicorn has a strong cotton candy note that doesn’t lose much of its sweetness over the course of the day, although it does melt more into the skin, creating a “warm” smell, like a vanilla-sugar scrub in the sunshine. To me a spray seems like a throwback to my childhood.

PROS: Ideal for daytime wearing, very bubbly scent

CONS: Too immature or too sweet for most women

☑ Pińa Colada

Pińa Colada is a sweet, rum-based cocktail made with light rum, coconut cream, and pineapple juice, usually served either blended or shaken with ice. I like it as a drink. As for fragrance, it’s good but it’s not something I’d wear daily. Maybe one fun evening out on a cold winter? But if you like the fruity tropical pineapple and coconut scents with sweet notes, this is a must-try.

PROS: Has an energetic and fresh vibe, ideal for evening use

CONS: Relatively not that long-lasting

☑ Peach Bourbon Popsicle

The Peach Bourbon Popsicle is going to make your summer happy. Like a peach bourbon drink, it is made to smell like Jim Beam Bourbon, mixed with fresh peaches and Greek yoghurt. The scent is smooth, creamy, cold, delicious peachy slash aged-wood warm vanilla.

PROS: Has a well-balanced aromatic blend

CONS: Moderate sillage, Not ideal for very young women

☑ Raspberry Smoothie

The Raspberry Smoothie has a sweet blend of raspberry and creamy hints that’s not too strong or bothersome. I see myself wearing this on regular workdays but maybe not when it is too hot outside. Sweet notes of raspberry make for a more girly interpretation of the original drink.

PROS: Long-lasting

CONS: Has a simple scent profile

Quick Stats

Sweetest: Cotton Candy Unicorn
Strongest Projection: Peach Bourbon Popsicle
Most Linear: Black Raspberry Vanilla Ice cream
Most Complex: none
Most Sophisticated/Mature: none
Youngest: Cotton Candy Unicorn
Most Natural-Smelling: none
Best in Colder Weather: Raspberry Smoothie
Best in Warmer Weather: Black Raspberry Vanilla Ice Cream

My top-favorite:

☑ Black Raspberry Vanilla Ice Cream
☑ Raspberry Smoothie

Price per 30ml bottle in a gorgeous box tube:

Php 250 regular scent
Php 380 premium scents (like Hennessey’s, Berries & Bayleaf)

Want to be an area distributor of Perfume Dessert

Business opportunity with Perfume Dessert

In case you are interested in can earn while smelling yummy, you can check the distributorship package offered by Perfume Dessert.

If you are business-minded, this can be an awesome opportunity for you. You can be an area distributor of this imported high-quality, desirable perfumes.

Selling perfumes is fairly a good business with a great market. I myself couldn’t compete with Perfume Dessert if I had my own perfume business from back in the day because, for one, the price of their 30ml bottle is very cheap for its fragrance quality. The packaging is another story too!

Perks of being a Perfume Dessert Area Distributor


You may contact Perfume Dessert retail outlets in these business addresses:

54 Payna Street, Veterans Village, QC (Tel: +63 2 7516355 or +63 977 0855658) 

2nd Floor POS1, Tomas Morato, South Triangle, QC (Tel: +63 2 7516355)

You may also follow their social media accounts for product updates, promos, and other upcoming deals:



Parting Words

Will I recommend Perfume Dessert? A. CONFIDENT. FRAGRANT. YES! I will definitely recommend this to you guys. It’s a high-quality fragrance that is long-wearing, friendly to your pocket and travel-friendly too! You can definitely smell amazing whether you are travelling or staying at any place. There is a long list of scents you can choose from for any activity or time of use. You can make money too! So yeah, enjoy the dessert with no calories, and generously spritz!


Have you heard about PERFUME DESSERT before? Do you want to try it? What scents do you like? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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