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With all the stress of the holidays, I thought I’d be losing more hair than usual. Also, I was expecting a bit more dandruff. Lack of sleep and overwhelming mixed emotions tend to bring out both the best and the bad in my hair and scalp. But hey! It’s my second month with Novuhair! Has my hair condition changed?

If you have been following my hair care series, you’d know that I am on my second month with Novuhair.

Again, you might think that my hair is already thick and need not be “thickened”. But if you just see the amount of hair that fall from my head after shower, you’d probably understand!

My hair woes

After showering, I used to have excessive hair fall. This worsens after hair treatments like hair rebonding.

A month ago, I had my annual rebonding with brazilian blow out. If I were to compare the condition of my hair strands last year, I’d say this time it has improved.

Aside from hair fall, I also experience itchy scalp brought by pesky dandruff. I believe this is due to the overall stress I cause to my body.  But these days, though I wouldn’t say I am dandruff free, I am relieved my dandruff was reduced significantly!

Second month with Novuhair

It’s finally time to bid 2017 goodbye, and the month of December specifically, I am glad that I am free from my hair woes.

I am now ready to face 2018 with healthier and happier hair and scalp! Thank you so much Novuhair!

What are your hair woes? Have you found the hair care product that is right for your hair? Have you tried any Novuhair products? Let me know your thoughts below!