My DISQUS Comment widget takes forever to import


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As you may have noticed, I recently switched my commenting system to DISQUS. I thought it’s about time to use something more modern that visitors are familiar with (or at least easy for them to get familiar with). I also learned it’s possible to have cumulative earnings from users who click on promoted contents so I thought it was worth giving a try.

Three days ago I installed the widget that apparently removed all blog comments posted before April 5th. But it’s temporary. DISQUS said it’s still importing my blog comments and waiting to finish. But it’s been three days now… I start to feel frustrated and actually think of disabling my DISQUS Comment widget. I checked the system status and found this report:

Import Details


Comments queued for import




1,456 (0 new)


04/05/2013 05:42 PM



And you know what’s worse? I found that after three days the import progress is actually 0%… I wonder what’s wrong. 🙁

I’m upset but this photo cheers me up 🙂

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