9 Most romantic things to do in Dubai for couples


Dubai has always been popular with tourists. With its unique attractions and various food, tour package, and shopping offers, Dubai’s popularity continues to rise. But lately, it is also becoming a first-choice romantic destination. Why so? You might ask. Well, the city is coming up with such amazing options aimed at couples to enjoy and spend quality ‘we’ time. 

Trouble believing us? Here is a list of some of the most romantic things for couples to do in Dubai and we know you’d be bowled over with it. Read on.

Burj Khalifa

1. A view of a lifetime, together with your soulmate

Take a trip to the 125th floor of the Burj Khalifa ‘At the Top’ and soak in the views from the observatory deck. From the height of approximately 500 meters, the view is enough to make your day. With astounding cityscape view and amazing manmade islands, marvel at the skyline of Dubai with a champagne in hand. You don’t need anything else to make your soulmate feel on top of the world, literally!

Dubai Marina

2. A starlit dinner on the Dhow

Sign up for a special evening Dhow Cruise along the banks of Dubai Marina. It is one of the best things to do in Dubai for couples on a romantic trip. Treat your eyes on the astounding views of the city, with all its buildings lit up in beautiful lights. Enjoy the play of laser lights create wonderful patterns from a distance at Burj Khalifa. Watch the Burj al Arab’s lit outline come closer as you approach the mighty Palm Islands. Gasp over the fairy-tale look of the Hotel Atlantis all decked up for the evening. On board the cruise, enjoy cultural Tanura dances and a full-course Emirati dinner made for your perfect evening!

Desert Safari Dubai

3. Spend a Night Under the Stars

Spending a night in the desert safari is considered to be one of the most romantic things to do in Dubai. At your overnight desert safari, you’ll be surrounded by tall dunes, shining with bits of mica in them. Once the sun goes down, a striking orange glow envelope the skies, draping the desert dunes in an idyllic reflection. Watch beautiful belly dancers perform in the welcome tent at the desert safari Dubai. Allow the henna artist design your hands and feet with beautiful henna. After an amazing dinner spread with hukka, spend the night under the stars, reaffirming your love for one another.

Ski Dubai

4. Skii Together 

Ever tried skiing together, challenging each other for a fun duel? Dubai’s magnificent indoor ski resort, Ski Dubai, now makes it possible for even the ones who don’t know how to ski. With the help of trainers, both beginners and experienced skiers take on snow-covered slopes and enjoy. There’s also a 400 meter Diamond Run if you’re an adventure enthusiasts. There’s no better place to beat the heat and let your adventure streak out than the Ski Dubai. When tired, hole up in the ice cave, or enjoy a hot coffee in the café on the mountain top.

Hot Air Balloon Dubai

5. A Hot Air Balloon Ride

Planning a surprise for him/her? Want to give your soulmate an out of this world experience? Sign up for a private couple’s exclusive hot air balloon ride. It’s the opportunity to propose to her, or renew your vows. It just can’t get more romantic than flying in a balloon, thousands of feet into the air, early in the morning with the love of your life. Don’t forget to capture the intensely orange sunrise spread across the vast expanse of golden desert sand. Soar over the endless ocean of sands and see animals like camels, gazelles, oryx, and desert foxes run about.

Dubai Water Canal

6. Boat together on the Dubai Canal

The astounding 3.2 kilometre long Dubai Water Canal is an exclusive manmade waterway extending from the Dubai Creek crossing the Business Bay before merging into the Arabian Gulf. This extraordinary canal is lined with exquisite parks, beaches, waterfront spaces, and recreational areas. All you have to do is rent a boat and sail slowly along the canal, swiftly under its many bridges and arches. Pass by the lovely waterfall. Admire the architectural brilliance of the St Regis Hotel and the Atrium, a series of 5 restaurants that graces the beautiful waterfront.

Dubai Glow Garden

7. Experience the Dubai Glow Garden Together

Winter is approaching and its time for the Dubai Glow Garden to dazzle. If you’re going now, its just the right time. The Dubai Glow Garden opens from November to February every year. You can enjoy together the brilliance of animatronic Dino Park, with the dinos roar and growl and even move to scare you. It’s so realistic, you’ll forget they’re extinct. Also, visit Eco-friendly Artwork display to enjoy sculptures made out of almost millions of tiny bottles, and spare CDs. But the one place that tops it all is the Ice Park with astounding structures made with ice. Make sure not to miss the ‘largest glow-in-dark garden’ created by yards of recycled luminous fabric and millions of energy-saving bulbs!

Dubai Opera

8. Experience the Dubai Opera Show Together

The Dubai Opera experience is similar to the likes of London’s West End or Manhattan’s Broadway. Indulge in the magnificent views of the Dubai Fountain and the mighty Burj Khalifa. Shaped like an Arabian Dhow, the Dubai Opera is a beautiful architecture with the rear arching upwards. The opera stage can be transformed into a theatre, concert hall or performance area. Magnificent productions are held at the Dubai Opera such as that of international ballet groups, singers, comics and various other performers celebrated across the world.

Underwater Zoo at the Dubai Mall

9. Explore the World of Water Up, Close & Personal

The Underwater Zoo at the Dubai Mall is your chance to enjoy some cool cage snorkelling and diving with sharks. Striking chords with your adventure streak, this could be the most memorable experience as a couple for you. Experience the marine life through the amazing acrylic tunnels, deadly sharks and manta rays passing inches away from you.

Parting Words

The list doesn’t end here. From the candle-lit restaurants to the underwater adventures, Dubai is a dream for every couple looking to spend some quality time together. So this vacation, pack your bags and go to Dubai together for a truly memorable romantic time of your life!

What is your ideal romantic activity? Have you been to any of the places mentioned above? Do you want to go? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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