After a year of introducing LINE Village Store at Siam Square One in Bangkok, the company opens its much-awaited extension, the LINE Village Bangkok. Dubbed as the world’s first LINE friends indoor interactive park, LINE Village Bangkok is a dreamland for photoholic instagrammers and is deemed to entertain all ages, especially the kid in us. 

LINE Village Bangkok, just like Madame Tussaud’s or Sea life in Bangkok, is an excellent choice when it’s raining outside. But that is not to say you should only visit this indoor theme park when the weather is unpleasant. You can enjoy it rain or shine, preferably with friends or loved ones and that companion who has a flair (or grit) for photographing!

I was able to visit the park with fellow travel bloggers and media friends from the Philippines on our third day in Thailand, all thanks to LINE Village Bangkok, Tourism Authority of Thailand in the Philippines, and KBS Travel & Intertrade Co. — our tour provider for our entire trip around Bangkok.

The day’s tour started with a pick-up from our hotel by our revered “artista” van (my blogger friend Me-an may have called it celebrity van in jest due to much leg room and chic interior). The chauffeur dropped us all off at Siam Square.

If you are coming from any point in Bangkok City, LINE Village is not difficult to find as you can conveniently commute to Siam Square via train, bus, or taxi.

I am not surprised the first LINE Village is built in Bangkok. Travellers from either side of the globe flock to this capital city all year round to shop or see places. I am happy too. It’s more accessible than other LINE Merchandise stores located in Taiwan, South Korea or Japan — countries that still require an entry visa for Filipino tourists.

Journey through LINE Village Bangkok

You can see from the map below the features of LINE Village. There are more than 24 zones all in all.

1. Ticket Office

If you didn’t book your ticket online, you may directly purchase at the ticketing office. Our tickets were provided to us for free, again, thanks to LINE Village Bangkok, KBS Thailand, and TAT Philippines.

2. Entrance Tunnel

From the ticket office, we walked through the entrance tunnel to the mystique library.

3. Mystique Library

At the library, the guide instructed us to find the secret key in order to enter the village. Before he finished his talk, a door slowly opened. One of our companions has already pushed “the key”.

4. Secret Step

We continued through the secret steps. This pathway almost reminds me of Detective Conan anime minus the cute framed photographs.

5. Intro Theatre

LINE characters (Cony, Sally, Choco, Moon, James, Boss, Edward, Jessica, and Leonard) greeted us here.

6. Dazzle Corridor

Appropriately named because of its dazzling mirrors and parallel lines of light, this corridor can be a stylish background for your OOTD shot.

7. Brown’s Room

Apparently, Brown is a bookworm.

8. The Garden

9. Cony’s House

Cony’s House has the most adorable kitchen with props that smelled real. The baked goods made me hungry! It also has monitors where we played some interactive recipe making games.

10. Moon’s Rooftop

11. Festival Square

This is the part of the village where we experienced a roller coaster ride with LINE friends – virtually! It felt real! While waiting for your turn, you can take videos from B612 cameras nearby. the video can be sent to your email.

12. Beat Brown

13. James’ Secret House

14. Dream Theatre

You have to outsmart the LINE characters here.

15. Jungle Brown

As the name suggests, this is the jungle in the village. Artificial plants teem on the wall and up above the ceiling.

16. Sally’s Nest

17. Jungle Terrace

The greenery continues here.

18. Ice Cave

19. Boss’ Office

20. Choco’s Arcade

This is probably my favorite spot. Not really a girly-girl but most of the time the bias of pink overwhelms.

21. Choco’s House

22. The Infinity

This is like a run way for the fashionistas….

23. Storybook

I wanted to take more photos here with “movie posters” as my background, but the space has low light.

24. The Finale

The exit from the village leads to the merchandise shop. You can buy souvenirs here from a wide range of merchandise selections.

Why visit LINE Village Bangkok

1. Why not?

You are already in Bangkok and LINE Village is just in the lifestyle center of the city, the Siam Square. It is very accessible especially if you already plan to visit SeaLife Adventure or Madame Tussaud’s. You only need at least an hour to enjoy LINE Village.

2. It will make you feel good

It’s impossible to think of anything negative while you are inside LINE Village when all you can see are cute, polished stuff. You’d be smiling and occasionally laughing too which would definitely relieve any day’s stress.

3. It is a great way to spend time with family and friends

Parents and children or peers can effectively bond here. The village is designed to induce a memorable experience through lots of picture-worthy spots and interactive games.

4. It sells LINE Village merchandise Bangkok edition

Now, if you are a hardcore LINE fan, you definitely need to visit LINE Village Bangkok and grab that limited edition from the land of smiles!

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Visiting tips

Here’s a list of tips to make your visit to the LINE VILLAGE BANGKOK easier and more enjoyable.

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    • ✓ Carry-Ons: You can leave your bags or other carry-ons at the baggage counter next to the ticketing office. You only need your camera and mobile phone for your journey to the village. 

      ✓ What to Wear: Dress comfortably. A visit to the park involves a lot of walking. Wear comfortable shoes and layers of clothing.

      ✓ Food and Drink: Bringing of food and drinks is not encouraged inside the theme park.

      ✓ Photography: PLEASE TAKE LOADS OF PHOTOS!

      ✓ Buy Tickets in Advance: Buy Tickets prior to your visit to avoid long queues at the ticketing office. You can also purchase combo tickets with Madame Tussaud’s and SeaLife for cheaper deals.

      ✓ Print Maps: Use the print map and guide as you get around the park.

How to get there

If you are coming from any point in Bangkok City, LINE Village is not difficult to find as you can conveniently commute to Siam Square via train, bus, or taxi.

Take the BTS Sky Train. Get off at BTS Siam Station Exit 4.

Book a ticket

Tickets are priced at THB990 (USD30) for adults and THB790 (USD25) for children (between 90 and 140cm tall) and seniors (above 65). Children below 90cm enjoy free entry. Proof of residency is required to present at the entrance for Thai residents ticket.

Click image to book a ticket online

Contact LINE Village Bangkok


Siam Square One Building (SQ) 338 Rama 1 Road, 1st Floor, Pathumwan, Bangkok, 10330

Phone number

+66 95 503 6666

Operating hours

Mondays – Sundays 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Last Entry for Theme Park 09:30 PM

Follow their socials: Facebook Instagram Tripadvisor

Parting Words

Our digital adventure lasted exactly for an hour and forty-three minutes at LINE Village Bangkok. I believe the greater time in the village was spent snapping tons of photos that were purposely shared on our social media accounts. I am happy we have the images and videos captured on our cameras to help us remember the joyful moments with friends and the overwhelming charm of the village. The experience was totally fun. So if you ever visit Bangkok, treat yourself to some load of cuteness and plan some time to enjoy LINE Village.

What do you think of LINE VILLAGE BANGKOK? Do you want to visit this indoor theme park? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below! Don’t forget to follow my blog FB and IG accounts for more updates and inspiring photos!