Karencitta’s latest single “Blow” is out


Karencitta has signed with Def Jam Philippines, a subsidiary of UMG Philippines Inc. To name a few, Def Jam Recordings is home to international superstars Rihanna, Jay-Z, Justin Bieber, and Ludacris.

The company has been creating innovative music for over 35 years and, as a recognized global brand, pledges to continue creating music that is both imaginative and of the highest caliber. In 2019, Def Jam finally made a foray into the South East Asian music scene with the goal of fostering the effervescent hip-hop culture that continues to change the world. The company’s operations in the Philippines are thriving, and top Filipino artists like JMara, VVS Collective, 8 Ballin’, Fateeha, and now Karencitta call it home.

Taking great pride in the Philippines

Although Karencitta originally relocated to Los Angeles in 2015 to pursue a career in film, she has since returned to Cebu to focus on her music. She takes great pride in her Philippines base, where she has been able to put her fundamental belief that building something from nothing into practice.

Karencitta is now an industry powerhouse; her songs and body of work represent the modern Filipina and her ability to defy stereotypes and criticism.

Karencitta’s signing with Def Jam Philippines, a division of the Universal Music Group, is the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. This action exemplifies a core value held by both her and the agency.

To quote Karencitta: “Authenticity is the catalyst of business.”

“One of the most important factors is that they truly believed in and invested in my vision. The team’s first impression also conveyed a sense of entrepreneurship. [They are] visionaries with strong work ethics who are also open, collaborative, and family-oriented.”

Karencitta’s artistry

Karencitta hopes that her art will be remembered for its carefree wit and profound impact. She hopes that her work will have significance and encourage others.

In addition, Karencitta shares that making each and every song she records into something people can’t forget is her number one career goal.

For the Cebuana rap queen, it’s important that her work serves as a boon to those who encounter it, making their lives richer and more fulfilling as a result.

This is why her first single, “Blow,” comes out as an ode to femininity and how to use it to empower oneself and to spread these messages further.

Blow is all about being a badass and inspiring the women in the audience to go after their dreams while remaining authentic. The negative aspects of the music industry, like the “bashers,” also serve as inspiration for the singer.

Photo opp with Karencitta atForm and Function Corrective Chiropractic Clinic in Cebu City – I AM A TRUE FAN!!!!

Message to the Cittababes

Karencitta has promised us Cittababes (her fans) that 2023 will be filled with more new music, collaborations, tours, and in-person appearances. What’s more, she’s thrilled at the prospect of learning from and developing alongside some of her all-time favorite OPM musicians.

Def Jam Philippines released Karencitta’s first single, “Blow,” on January 8. Check it out right now at https://karencitta.lnk.to/BLOW

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