How to obtain boarding pass at NAIA Terminal 4


The most convenient way to obtain a boarding pass when you are at any terminal is through check-in kiosks. These are the free-standing computer screens you can operate yourself (or with a help from an airline staff) for flight check-in and boarding pass printing.

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If you don’t have any baggage to drop at the check-in counter, use the check-in kiosks and print your boarding pass yourself. It is pretty easy.  Just tap the monitor screen for instructions. Checking in to your flight and printing your boarding pass can be accomplished within minutes.

The kiosks I have tried using several times are at the airports in Malaysia, Philippines, and Singapore. Air Asia check-in kiosks are available at airports in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, and India. You can check your airline website to know if they have a kiosk in the airport you are leaving through.

After you obtained a print out of your boarding pass, you can proceed to the boarding gate and wait for your boarding time.

Please note that you may be required to get your travel documents verified. 

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