How to apply for AUSTRALIA TOURIST VISA for Filipinos


To apply for a tourist visa to visit Australia, Philippine Passport holders (and other eligible applicants) must apply online for a Visitor Visas  – subclass 600.

The Australian Embassy encourages all eligible applicants to apply online. Philippine passport holders are eligible to apply for a Visitor visa online. The Visa Office is currently experiencing high volumes of Visitor visa applications.   You should apply well in advance of your travel time.

How to apply online?

Submit a complete application and upload all supporting documents to your online application straight away.  

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☑ Your application will be assessed based on the information you provide. If you do not provide sufficient information to show you meet the relevant criteria, your visa application may be refused.

☑ Please ensure your application is as complete as possible. See: application checklist

☑ We do not need your original passport because we issue label-free visas – a photocopy of your biopage and previous travel is required.

☑Provide an e-mail address. This enables us to communicate with you quickly and efficiently.

☑ If asked to submit further documents, upload these to your ImmiAccount straight away to ensure prompt processing.

☑ It may speed up processing if we can communicate with a third party (such as the sponsor) directly regarding your visa application. However, the disclosure of information to anyone other than the applicant is governed by the law (Privacy Act).Certain information about the application can only be provided if you give written consent. Under law DIBP are not allowed to communicate with a third party,unless we have recieved your your written consent via ‘form 956’ for us to do so.

See: Agents

See: Clients (including family friends querying the status of an application).

When you contact us, provide your full name, date of birth, visa type, and visa transaction number (eg EGO123456 or AUX123456). See Contact Us

Special medical requirements

In circumstances where a known health condition exists, an applicant may be requested to do further medical checks.

1. 75 years of age or over? 

Medical requirements for clients over 75 years of age

Under the Migration Regulations one of the requirements for a Visitor visa is a criterion relating to health. The criterion aims to protect Australia from public health risks, and preserve Australian health resources.

In order to meet this requirement you will be required to undertake medical examinations including an Aged Visitor Health Check. This check must be undertaken by a panel doctor.

If a medical and/or x-ray examination is required, we will notify you after your application is lodged with the Australian Embassy in Manila. You will then need to make arrangements to attend an approved immigration panel doctor.  See: Meeting the Health Requirement.

Impact on Processing times

The amount of time taken to finalise individual applications may vary significantly depending on processing requirements;

Whilst the medical requirement is being assessed it is requested that you provide all other documents requested by your case officer to this office. Your case officer will contact you with further advice as we receive it.

Overseas Travel Insurance

In recognition of the higher potential public health costs in respect of visitor visa applicants 75 years old or older, decision makers may consider requesting evidence of private health insurance or travel insurance covering the applicant’s entire proposed period of stay in Australia

Please note that the visa stay period granted will be strictly for the period for which insurance cover is provided

2. Seeking to stay in Australia for longer than 6 months?

Please ensure you undertake your health assessment as quickly as possible as this will impact the processing time of your visa. Delays in health assessment will cause delays to visa processing.

3. Entering a medical facility?

If you will enter a medical facility such as a hospital, you are required to undertake a medical check.

See: Health requirements

See: Fees and Charges

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