Photo from Tsinoyfoodies

In case you crave for a practical comfort food this Game of Thrones season (or if you want to get free treats for your kid’s birthday), head straight to any Mister Donut shop near you.

Starting tomorrow, July 14, Mister Donut is giving away 1 box of Smidgets for FREE whenever you buy a dozen of regular donuts. The Smidget box includes 15 pieces of assorted Bavarian and Choco butternut.

Promo runs for the whole month of July.  

Duration: Friday to Sunday

July 14-16

July 21-23

July 28-30

Featured Products:

Bavarians, Filled Donuts

Choco Cake, Cake Collection

Free Smidgets:

15 pcs Assorted Bavarian and Choco Butternut


1 pc Donut – P13

12 pcs Assorted Donuts – P160

12 pcs Choco Donuts – P150

So, if you want to get your hands on this awesome treat, visit Mister Donut shop every weekend. You know what they say, nothing is better than doughnuts than free doughnuts!

For more information about products and promos, follow Mister Donut’s social media sites:

Instagram: @MisterDonut_PH

Facebook: @MrDonutPH