This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my honest thoughts on Divatress products.

I just finished a 9-hour hair treatment at my favorite salon in my hometown. I had a hair rebond plus a Brazilian blow dry treatment. These days, it’s been very essential for me to have the most presentable hair for my job. That is why I try to style my hair daily. But to be honest it takes time for me to do so. Finally, today I decided to have my hair treatment again.

As mentioned, the straightening and the process of locking in the moisture in my hair took more than eight hours. And it is just the straight look that I am getting. I have always fancied of having digiperm or even permanent curls so I can achieve that diva look that I want. But I guess, each time, my mood changes and my hairstyle preference follows. Having that said, I don’t think it is practical for me to have permanent curls.

But the good thing is that with Divatress, I can achieve the diva look that I want and that I need.

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Divatress has a wide selection of braid styles, as well as a variety of hair colors and hair volume and length. You can find interesting crochet hair style on their site gallery.

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