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Armenia is picturesque and hospitable. Now, you will read about popular tourist destinations in Armenia, some things to do in Yerevan, and about the national identity that should not be avoided in any case. 

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Yerevan is a very small city, and you can go around the entire center in an hour. It makes no sense to list all its attractions, let’s talk about some favorite places of all the tourists.

•    The Cascade

It is a unique staircase, where modern art is presented. Go upstairs, the whole city is wide open from there, and if you are lucky with the weather, you will see Mount Ararat.

•    Republic Square

It is the central square of Yerevan. Here are the most prestigious hotels, and in the summer, you will be able to watch a show of fountains in the evenings.

•    Vernissage

This is a kind of a flea market. Here you can buy souvenirs, ethnic jewelry, traditional Armenian clothing, carpets, musical instruments, dishes, paintings and even pets. You can come here just to feel the charm of the country, and, of course, you will hardly leave it empty-handed.

•    Restaurant Dolmama

It has been working since 1998. It is quite popular among locals and foreigners. It was visited by some stars and politicians, for example, Prince Charles and Kim Kardashian. You will like it both for author’s Armenian cuisine and a chic interior in ethnic style. It is quite expensive, compared to other restaurants in Yerevan, but it’s worth it.

•    Northern Avenue

This is the street where you can find trendy cafes and expensive shops. Many people love this place in the evenings when young people go out for a walk. Quite often, you can meet street musicians who play national music, and local youth who starts dancing. Armenians are very fond of their folk dance and show it on the appropriate occasion.

The top Armenia destinations you should not miss

Armenia is a country of mountains, fields, rivers, and lakes. You should better rent a car or a minibus with a driver and go on a trip.

1. Khor Virap (40 km from Yerevan)

It is the Armenian monastery that is located on the border with Turkey. Its charm lies in the fact that it offers an incredible view of Mount Ararat.

2. Noravank (117 km from Yerevan)

It is another monastery with an incredible view. You will be impressed by the road leading through the gorge to Noravank.

3. Zorats-Kareer (204 km from Yerevan)

It is a kind of Armenian Stonehenge, but it was built earlier. You should watch the sunset over there. The ruins look magical when the golden rays of the sun seep through them.

4. Monastery Tatev (251 km from Yerevan)

Perhaps, the most beautiful views of mountain part of Armenia open from the cable car that leads to the monastery. This cable car was built not so long ago (in 2010) and is considered the longest in the world (5.752 meters.)

5. Tashir (154 km from Yerevan)

It is the city, located near the border with Georgia. It’s definitely worth going there to see the mountains, rivers, and fields. This is an ideal place for nature lovers. On the way from Yerevan to Tashir, visit the town of Aparan and buy fresh bread matnakash that is straight from the oven. It will be cooked on you.

6. Lake Sevan (67 km from Yerevan)

It is one of the most beautiful lakes in the world.

Some tips for your travel to Armenia

•    Do not be afraid to talk to strangers! Armenians are very hospitable and friendly.

•    Always have cash. Yerevan is an advanced city, however, taxi and most small shops do not accept credit cards. The situation could be worse outside the main city.

•    The best time for traveling to Armenia is spring and early summer. It’s already warm, and everything is blooming and blossoming.

What do you think about Yerevan? Do you want to go to Armenia? What is your ultimate destination for a couple getaway? Let us know your thoughts below! Thank you so much!

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