With Fellow bloggers here at Aqua Play Parks in Kamia Bay Resort

Aqua Play Parks in Kamia Bay Resort may be new in Puerto Princesa, Palawan, but, as a creation of AquaPlayParks.com, this inflatable water park is no rookie at providing adrenaline rush to guests seeking for it. 

Sitting just in front of the Binunsalian shores, the appropriately named Aqua Play Parks is roughly a 4000-sqm stretch of floating obstacle course. With the area it occupies, it is dubbed as the largest inflatable waterpark in Asia. Its obstacles include rock peaks for climbing, symmetric beams to test your balance, double seesaws, trampolines, wrecking balls, dolphin slides, water walkers, floating volleyball court, to name a few. These inflatable obstacles, plus two stand-alone giant slides towering either sides of the course, are sure to challenge your fitness as well as keep the level of your endorphins high!

Me trying out the rock peak and the 3in1 climber slide

Kamia Bay Resort guests can swim over or use paddle boards to get to the water park. Trained, skilled, and congenial waterpark lifeguards interact with guests from orientation to aqua play, directing them to conquer each part of the obstacle course or slide down the giant water slides. In any case of emergency, lifeguards respond accordingly and immediately.

As pointed out earlier, endless agenda of adrenaline-rush activities at the aqua play park will definitely keep players busy and pumped up, yet at the same time, Kamia Bay Resort affords its guests every opportunity to sneak away for some Instagram-worthy photo sessions. Look at this photograph below taken at an area we visited during the ecotour:

This part of the Kamia Bay Resort is a favored site for photography enthusiasts. You can pose with, sit or climb on these rock formations during the eco tour. #aquaplayparkspalawan #aquaplayparksphilippines #bikini #bikinilife #rockformations #paawan #likesforlikes #likes4likes #bikinishot #gltlove #solotravelers

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With the property’s tropical beauty and reserves of trees and rock formations, Kamia Bay Resort is well suited for de-stressing. There are lots of activities too that you can do on your own or with assistance from a resort staff. On the water, you can try jet skiing or speed boating to Puting Buhangin Beach. On land, you can enjoy an ecotour adventure by walking or using a bicycle. The cycling trail weaves through stands of trees.

When it’s time to take a break from the interactive play on the inflatable aqua park or from the ecotour adventure, guests can enjoy hearty meals at the resort’s beachfront restaurant. Buffet lunch, snacks, and drinks are prepared delectably and served courteously by hospitable resort staff.

Mr. Peter Appleton, AquaPlayParks.com CEO leads our grace before meal

Ms. Bette, our blogger team manager, and the food that we ate for lunch 

Kamia Bay Package tours and rates

Visitors have the option to avail any of the resort’s tour packages:

  • AQUA PLAY – PHP788/Person (1 HR in Aqua Park, Eco Tour, Buffet Lunch)
  • AQUA PLAY UNLI – PHP1488/Person (Unlimited use of Aqua Park, Eco Tour, Buffet lunch)
  • AQUA ADVENTURE – PHP1188/Person (1 HR in qua park, Eco Tour, Buffet lunch, Roundtrip transfer)
  • AQUA ADVENTURE UNLIMITED – PHP1788/Person (Unlimited use of Aqua Park, Eco Tour, Buffet lunch, Roundtrip Transfer)
  • ENTRANCE FEE – Php 200 
  • BUFFET LUNCH – Php 488 for adults and Php 299 for kids 
  • AQUA PLAY PARK 1 HR USE – Php 300 
  • BIKE RENTAL 1HR – Php 300  (Php 50 / additional hour)
  • CYCLING WITH YOUR OWN BIKE – Php 200 (bike all you can) 

Jet-skiing and island-hopping are also available for additional fees.

My happy time with Wilma Doesnt at Puting Buhangin Beach. You can take a side trip to this lovely place.

How to get to Kamia Bay Resort

Kamia Bay Resort is approximately 37 kilometers from Puerto Princesa International Airport. Visitors can arrange transportation with Amika Travels. You can email them at amikatravels@yahoo.com or message them at 0917 543 5770. You may also like their Facebook page for promos and updates: Kamia Bay Resort

For directions on how to get to the resort, click here. FOR MORE PHOTOS OF THE RESORT, CLICK HERE.

Travel tips

Here are some tips to help you prepare for and fully enjoy a day trip to Aqua Play Parks in Kamia Bay Resort:

1. Arrive at the resort early. The resort is open from 9 AM to 4 PM. You don’t wanna miss a minute of the fun that awaits you in the waterpark!

Hello Kamia Bay Resort

2. Wear proper swimming attire. Use sunscreen. It is okay to wear two-pice bikini as long as the articles are non flimsy and let you move comfortably. 

I’m just feeling the cool breeze before I start an action-filled day on the inflatable waterpark in front of me

3. Do a warm up with the rest of your group. Playing in the waterpark is like exercising. You need to get your heart ready for increased oxygen intake when you jump, run, splash, swim, or do other shifting moves. This way, you’re not only improving your muscle performance by letting blood flow through, you also reduce muscle injury. Also, remember to cool down.

fun before more fun hehe

4. Follow the safety guidelines at all times. It is important to listen to the lifeguards especially when they tell you to wear life jackets all the time. It doesn’t matter if you are a trained swimmer or a superhero. You must follow the guidelines. Also, do not go underneath the inflatables. 

Mr. Saldi orients us about the Aqua play parks safety guidelines

5. Do not skip on any inflatable obstacle on the water park. Try everything, if possible more than once. I highly recommend the Slidezillas and the human launcher. Also, take advantage of the resort’s activities, just like what I did with the Jet Ski!

I’ve always known what vehicle to buy (when I have the funds) πŸ˜‚ (or perhaps an ATV) πŸ˜› So now I got this πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ just for the day LOL THANK you @aquaplayparksph for letting me enjoy jetskiing around Kamia Bay Resort! πŸ“Έ@annesheyday . . . . . . . . . #kamiamazing #jetski #bikini #bikinigirls #solotravelers #bloggers #yellowjetski #palawan #puertoprincesa #thegirlwiththemujihat #kamiabay #kamibayresort #swimwear #jetskiing #islandlife #islandgirl #gltlove #likesforlikes #likes4likes #aquaplayparksphilippines #aquaplayparksph #aquaplayparkspalawan #followforfollow #watersports #active #watersport

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6. Keep yourself hydrated. Like I said, just like exercising, your body needs water every now and then.

Hearty meal for lunch

7. Bring extra plastic bag for soaked swimming clothes. Bring toiletries. You can also bring your own towels in case there’s long waiting time for towel rentals.

United Bloggers Philippines with AquaPlayParks.com CEO Mr. Peter Appleton, Kamia Bay Resort Trainer Mr. Saldi Benito, celebrities Wilma Doesnt and Mark Casiano

Parting words

Kamia Bay Resort has the strong edge that will appeal to families, couples, or group travelers of all ages. Endless activities on the floating Aqua Play Park, ecotours for de-stressing or pursuit of exquisite photography, delectable food, friendly lifeguards, all smiles staff, very clean facilities – all contribute a great deal to any guest’s wonderful experience. Like most resorts in Puerto Princesa, Palawan, the day tour rates of Kamia Bay Resort are reasonable. But if you are an ultimate thrill-seeker like me, you might be willing to pay more!

What do you think about this inflatable water park? Do you want to experience fun and play in this floating obstacle course? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. If you have other concerns, don’t hesitate to send us a message. You can also share this post if you think someone you know will enjoy reading this! Thank you so much for your time!