5 Tips to Boost Your Immunity during the Holidays


While the idea of having White Christmas excites me to a great extent, I could wish for nothing more than to spend Christmas and New
Year with my loved-ones at home, under one roof!

In theory, holiday season is that time of the
year when I (and travelers who keep the same tradition) need to slow down a bit, tame those wandering feet and just stay home for the


Staying home for the holidays doesn’t actually mean
just being inside the house.
Truth be told, it is as busy as being somewhere
else, and in often cases, outside, busier.

For me staying home for holidays would mean:
going to divisoria at least twice a week to buy presents and decorations;
town-hopping to visit old and distant relatives; caroling season; gift-giving
to the less fortunate; and gatherings in and out of the city… Needless to say it’s hecka busy!

Apparently, staying home for
the holidays leaves no excuse for exhaustion
(or PMS) especially when you’re asked by your 97-year-old-senile-granny to tell tales about your travels or when you’re
forced to join the gang in their midnight ’til dawn karaoke…

It’s true that staying home for the holidays tends to suck up all your energy, so it’s important to boost your immune system during this season ALL THE MORE. Here  are 5 tips on how you are gonna do that. I live by these tips
during the holidays (and beyond) and hopefully you find these beneficial too.

1. Get a good night’s sleep

Having enough rest in between sheets is vital for our system, especially our immune system to function well. So the first vital tip is to let our body have 6-7 hours of sleep at night. The recommended bedtime is before
11 PM
. You might ask me then how is it possible to join
the gang in the midnight ’til dawn karaoke or the light the fireworks ’til
morning sessions? Sleep afterwards! In case you cannot avoid staying up
really late, try to take a good snooze after your activity. But make sure this doesn’t happen daily. Lack of sleep or bad sleeping habits can compromise your overall health a huge deal. 

2. Eat the right amount and kind of food

If you know that you’ve been consuming a lot of sugary
food and alcoholic drinks this season, then cut down. Opt for the healthier greens and the
hydrating fruits and vegetables and the less oily meat and carbo loads
. Drink plenty of water. You’ll be surprised with the wonder of hydration in your system.

3. Wash your hands

During the holidays, you may find yourself in close contact with bacteria and viruses (that are invisible to your beautiful eyes) when you’re in a house full of people. Make it a habit to wash your hands before and after eating. Wash thoroughly for a minute (sing happy birthday song) especially when you shake hands with heaps of visitors; when you go out, have big holiday dinners or use public wash rooms. Never forget to cleanse from your fingertips, in between your fingers, the back of your hand, your forearm to prevent the spread of diseases.

4. Spend happy time with your friends as well as yourself

Squeeze in an hour or two time in your schedule to catch up with good friends. This will zero down your stress level. Have a good laugh with them. Make a hearty lunch or
watch a movie with them while eating comfort foods. Similarly, spend quality time alone. Do what you like to do (e.g. reading your favorite poem)
and what you have to do – meditating and praying for a few minutes. It helps to tap into the
spiritual side of our personas and rekindle inner peace. 

5. Take vitamins

This is very important because not all vitamins and
minerals are readily available to our body or could be consumed from the foods we eat
daily. Take for example Vitamin C, we usually get only 1 to 2% of it from the fruits and vegetables that we eat. So clearly we need to take Vitamin C dietary supplements. Other vitamins I take are Vitamin E and Iron.

For vitamin C, I and my friends take Fern –

Fern – C is an immune-system booster and a potent anti-oxidant that is in sodium ascorbate form. Hope I am not losing you. Sodium Ascorbate is the non-acidic form of Vitamin C. Vitamin C can also be in the acidic form that is the Ascorbic acid that
we commonly know.

What does Vitamin C do to our body?

Vitamin C functions as: Immune System booster, Collagen producer and Anti-Oxidant. It also plays role in the 300 metabolic functions of the body. As I’ve mentioned earlier, we cannot produce our own Vitamin C, so taking FERN – C everyday suffices the amount that our body needs to fight off illnesses and thus helps keep our body in the best of health.

Why choose FERN – C?

We know that
Vitamin C has the acidic and the alkaline form. The alkaline or non acidic form
is the Sodim Ascorbate. Fern – C is in Sodium Ascorbate form. Aside from not making your stomach upset or feel acidic
when you take it, here are other advantages of
Sodium Ascorbate over Ascorbic Acid:

  • Sodium ascorbate is in capsule form and thus dissolves
    faster than ascorbic acid
    which is generally in tablet type.
  • Sodium ascorbate is non-acidic and is more soluble than
    ascorbic acid.  It is also more reactive compared to ascorbic acid
    when it
    comes to building connective tissues and anti-body structures and thus more
    effective anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties.
  • Sodium ascorbate has great anti-oxidant value for it stays
    longer within the body (i.e. about 12 to 14 hours) than ascorbic acid.

It is also important to note that aside from being the official
Vitamin C of PBA Players, other reasons why it is wiser to choose Fern – C over
other Vitamin C dietary supplements are:

  • Fern C is the only Vitamin C in the Philippines with the
    DSM Quali-C trademark
     (Quali-C trademark
    guarantees Quality, Reliability and Traceability)
  • Fern C is a recipient of the Superbrands Seal of Quality
    and Excellence
  • FERN-C is BFAD Certified (DRHR-1009)
  • FERN-C is Halal Certified
  • FERN C is in MIMS (Master Index of Medical Specialties)

For more information about Fern – C, visit Fern-C website.
You can also follow Fern – C on social media accounts:

Fern – C Facebook      Fern – C Twitter      Fern – C Instagram

You too can beat the holiday stress with these immunity boost tips! 

And if you have other tips to share feel free to write them down the comment section below! Thank you for your time!

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