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Gracean Transient Garden


Follow my blog with Bloglovin If you are looking for a cheap, safe place to stay in Baguio City you can try Gracean Transient Garden. We stayed there for 3 days last April. We found their ads in together with many others which were either unavailable or unreachable that time. Get their contact information here. The place was being developed. Units […]

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Travelling to Hongkong for the First Time (PART 1)


Who wouldn’t be thrilled to go abroad for the first time? I was hyped! I was incredibly excited, happy and awed!!! I couldn’t exactly put into words what I felt the moment I received my passport, my plane ticket and my TRAVEL CLEARANCE, especially that particular moment when Sir Dante handed me my DOST certification!!! WOW. For years, I thought it would […]


Travelling to Hongkong for the First Time (PART 2)


After an hour and fifty minutes, our plane successfully landed at Hongkong International Airport (HKIA). From my window seat, I thought HKIA airside area didn’t have that much difference from NAIA or DMIA (or any other air ports?)—all bore the same wide runways, ramps, security staff, courtesy transports, shuttles and of course, airbuses. When I got off the plane and went inside […]