See the Unkai in Hokkaido

Play in the snow

Publish a collection of Poems

Walk under Cherry Blossom trees

Walk over a carpet of dried leaves

Experience “Koyo Viewing”

Swim with turtles

Go to Maldives

Selfie with the Eiffel Tower

Watch the northern Lights

See Penguins in person

Touch a Panda Bear

Visit the Furano Flower Farm

Wear a Kimono

Wear a Ninja Costume

Pick apples

Go to a blueberry farm

Publish an article on an authority website in PH

Publish an article on an authority site abroad

Publish an article on Magazine

Publish a travel book about the Philippines

Buy my own suit case

Trek Mt. Pinatubo

Join a marathon

Learn Pole Dancing

Do a perfect split

Swim at the infinity pool in Marina Bay Sands

Stay at a 5-star Hotel

Eat authentic ramen

Eat sushi in Japan

Pick oranges

Go camping

Ride a hot-air balloon

Cozy up to a bonfire



Scuba dive

Swim with unusual sea creatures

Go to Tokyo Disneysea

Collect fridge magnets from places I travel

Make friends with complete strangers from a foreign country

Go to an Italian Museum

Visit Machu Picchu

Go to Moscow

Eat turkey in Turkey

Practice Yoga

Perfect a headstand

Visit NYC

Ride on a Shinkansen

See the Great Wall of China

Watch fireworks display with boyfie

Travel with boyfie


Cliff dive

Travel to a foreign country with Ethan

Bake cookies

Bake a strawberry cake

Save 100, 000.00 in BDO

Surf in Baler


Renovate the house

Buy a car

Pursue an online business

Visit Taj Mahal

Go to the Uyuni in Bolivia

See a Sumo in Fukuoka

Earn 70,000.00 a month

Maintain my ideal weight

Collaborate with a popular blogger

Collaborate with a popular blogger abroad

Go to a Safari

Have abs

Learn Lia Kim’s choreography

Visit Sydney

Learn a foreign language

Master a foreign language

Go to London

Honeymoon in Paris

Make a travel video

Compose a song

Play the guitar

Go to Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park

Go to Toyama snow wall

Travel to Batanes

Watch the sunrise in Sagada

Power up my travel blog

Visit Tokyo

Travel to Osaka

Go to Taiwan

Visit Thailand

Get Multiple Entry Visa to Japan

Hold a koala bear in Australia

Worship in Spain

Visit the Niagara Falls

Sunrise in Angkor Wat

See Lavender flowers

Go on a segway

Ride a buggy

Have a curly hair

Have a gel nail

Fix my teeth

Watch an anime in Japan



Figure skate

Raft in Palawan

Karaoke in Japan

Walk the streets of Holland

Take a flag-carrying airline

Stargaze in Tanay

Swim with the Butandings

Rope swing into the water

Work out in a hotel

See the twin towers in KL

Shop in Singapore

Visit Stonehenge

Scuba dive in the Great Barrier Reef

Go to a Music Festival abroad

See a live band concert

Read 100 books

Go bungee jumping

Work abroad

Worship in Tokyo

Worship in Southbay

Get a miles card

Try a zip line

Ride a tram

Ride a double decker bus

Ride a gondola

Ride a cable car

Try the ropeway

Visit the Louvre

Go to a desert

Go to the Middle East

Learn a martial art

Stand on the equator

Float on the dead sea

Visit LA

Tour the Vatican

Eat pasta in Rome

Visit the hobbit huts in New Zealand

See Mt. Fuji in Japan

Win a blog award

Buy a souvenir from Disneyland

Teach Ethan ESL