On my third week in Japan, I moved to Kanto region to visit
Chiba and Tokyo, wander around, and hang out with my Japanese friends…

I initially planned
to go to Tokyo Disneyland on a weekday but ended up at Tokyo DisneySea (TDS) partly due to an unbelievable
number of crowd queuing in front of Disneyland gates. Also, I’ve been to HK Disneyland
before so I thought TDS might offer me a whole new experience. Good thing my advance ticket is open any
day at either parks (DisneySea or DisneyLand). READ: How to purchase Disney Park tickets.

What I Love about Disney Parks

One of the impressive things about Disney Theme Parks is accessibility.
Perhaps this is a norm for people from countries with Disney Resorts but not
for me (or anyone coming from a country with a transportation system yet to fully
develop). When I was in Osaka I planned to go to Disneyland by bus. There were
buses that go straight to Disneyland. I thought the accessibility’s because of
the fact it’s a tourist spot but then some sightseeing places aren’t THAT
accessible. Guess they took into consideration the guests coming to Disneyland with children. 

If you come from Osaka and wish to save up on the fare (and
hotel fee), you can take the night bus from Osaka station directly to TDL. The
ideal time for you to leave is at 9pm to arrive 7:10 am the following day. It
is around 5,000 yen for a six hour trip inside a double-decker bus that come with a
toilet, foot rest, coat hanger, LED route display in Japanese, Chinese and English,
comfortable seats, interesting stop overs and a good night view.

Here is a useful website to purchase bus tickets:

If you arrive in Tokyo earlier than your Disneyland pass,
you can take the train from any point to Maihama Station. I came from Kamata Station, the fare was about 950 yen. You can also use the bus or bus and train, whichever is convenient for you. In my case, I took train and bus because I was carrying my suitcase with me. It’s a little difficult to take lifts and walk far with my 40 kg stuff…

Here is a website for optimal route, timetable, and
fare of railway and aviation system of Japan: HYPERDIA

PRO TIP: HYPERDIA and KOSOKU BUS can be your best friends while in
Japan. You can check train schedules with this app.

Thoughts about Tokyo DisneySea

I find Tokyo DisneySea a good place for adults, especially for dating couples.

The ambiance is utter romantic and good for taking memorable pictures. You can do many fun things – enjoy rides and watch spectacular shows especially the fireworks, eat flavored pop corns, hot dogs, shop Kawaii Disney souvenirs… You can just walk around, feel the sea breeze and savor the extraordinary day while holding hands with your partner or laughing out loud with your friends or family members.

Tokyo DisneySea is no doubt a dream-filled, wonderful, magical place and I am overly grateful I was able to go there… But I’d say, for my visit, once is enough. I prefer extreme rides and TDS doesn’t have any. Some are interesting but not enough to give me adrenaline rush. I’d go for Enchanted Kingdom’s Space Shuttle instead or when in Japan, FujiQ Highland or Nagashima Spaland…

Other Tips

If you visit TDS or TDL in the future, make sure you bring snacks and water enough to fill your tummy after long walks or queues…

If pop corns and cold sodas aren’t your thing, bring your preferred food, especially when buying snacks/ drinks inside the park can be tedious and expensive…

Waiting time for a ride would range from 40 minutes to 160 minutes. Make sure you have someone with you to kill time… It is also wisest to take FAST PASS for each rides. Learn how to get fast pass tickets here.

If you visit Disney Park in Winter, wear KAIRO! Wear comfortable clothes. Wear sneakers. Use a backpack. Bring your Starbucks tumbler fill it with hot coffee… LOL …Or not. You can do anything you want considering the amount of money Disney Park tickets cost…


It got more and more magical and romantic as the night deepened.. I don’t know if it was because of the lights or the fireworks… I just felt it. It was in the February air.

Have you been to any Disney Parks? How was your experience? What do you think about Tokyo DisneySea? What is your no. 1 tip when going to a theme park? Share your thoughts below!

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