There is no way I could find out if you’re a sumptuous
foodie or a frugal restaurant guest. A meat lover or a vegetarian. I don’t know
if you’re fond of Filipino dishes. If you prefer Western to Asian cooking. But
there is one thing I would surely place a bet on: you will be pleased with a buffet experience at Cabalen.

The Cabalen Group of Restaurants

A leader in buffet dining, Cabalen serves an array of authentic Capampangan dishes and other Filipino eats. It is an ideal venue for after-work get-togethers, family occasions or casual dining with friends. The restaurant’s ambiance results from the interplay of its interior—the simplicity and warmth from its earth hues, elegance from its chandeliers and decorative white walls, playfulness from the creative floor design. Soothing music playing in the background complements a good dining experience.

Whereas Cabalen started as a small Filipino delicacy counter, it has grew into several branches here and abroad. Credit to the group of restaurants’ President and Founder, Maritel O. Nievera, Cabalen continues to move to the top.    

Some branches and dishes

Cabalen offers more than 30 kinds of dishes for you to try. Most of its branches serve all Filipino buffet and another three branches serve a mix of Filipino and Asian food selections. 

You can fill your plates with a mix of Appetizer, Soup, Salad, Grilled Food, Main Course, Rice, Desserts – for detailed food selections click here.

My most favorite dishes are Gatang Kuhol, Kare-kare and Bulalo! I gave my buffet a perfect ending with banana and chocolate fondue. I also binged on some rice cakes and Tibok Mais.


Good value for money

Whether you are after the food or the value for money, you can find both in Cabalen! Imagine, at PHP 398 you can eat all you want from morning till night. 

For me it could be a salad plus desserts marathon. Then I could eat Bangus Sisig from time to time… Add a few more bucks and you can have unlimited drink or opt to have their service water instead.

If you think about it, you can really get your money’s worth. Especially if you dine at Cabalen SM Megamall branch. Read my experience here.

My first Cabalen experience

In truth, I didn’t like my first Cabalen experience. But that was a couple of years ago. If you ask me about Cabalen then, I might probably have a negative impression, thus a different view to share. But indeed Cabalen has come a long way.

This year marks Cabalen’s 30th year. Thirty years in the industry and still manages to climb on top. In fact, over the recent years, Cabalen has expanded locally with 4 new brands—Soi, Mangan, Salu-Salu and Eat Pinoy. In addition,
it also opened it’s first international branch in San Francisco, California.


From humble beginnings to greatness

Following Cabalen’s timeline, you can look back from where it started and see how it grew big into what it is now. The secret to its growth and success is the people behind it – from its president and founder down to every single employee. 

Each year, Cabalen tries to improve its food and service. In fact, this year it included new sets of dishes to better please your appetite. 

In this year’s 30th anniversary Cabalen held a Thanksgiving Mass in its first branch in Quezon City. It also launched a month-long promo that gave out gadgets, appliances, gift certificates and exciting package tours to a number of lucky customers.

Giving Back

What I like most about dining in Cabalen is the fact that I am able to help make the lives of my fellow Filipinos better. With Cabalen’s Eat and Help Campaign, a portion of every amount you spend goes to Cabalen Para sa Kabataan Program.

So in this season, what better way to extend a hand to the less fortunate while filling up your appetite!

Strengthening ties

In my opinion, the best thing about Cabalen buffet experience isn’t on the menu: the time spent with family or friends while eating and talking about Filipino dishes which we don’t normally talk about these days AND the chance to share a part of our food expense to the less fortunate while delighting our senses.

I would love to spend holidays at Cabalen with my family. Also, I would love to invite you to delight yourself with Cabalen buffet. Taste the traditional home-cooked Filipino food in a very reasonably priced buffet!

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Thank you for reading! Have you tried dining at Cabalen? How was your experience? Would you like to try their all Filipino – Asian buffet? Let me hear your thoughts in the comment section below! Happy holidays everyone!